The above diagram is meant to be representative, and may not be your exact layout. Rest assured, all years and models are available. There are simply too many different floor plans throughout the years to show every variation. Even if the above diagram doesn’t exactly represent your bus, just choose the EQUIVALENT mat number and indicate what model/year/layout you have in the “NOTES” box upon checkout.  Or email us with that info for the correct diagram corresponding to your layout and model year before purchasing.

Don’t worry, we will know what you need, guaranteed — or your money back.

split window vw bus

Bamboo & Natural Seagrass Mats (1956-1967)


**There is currently a lead time of 6 weeks.**

Bamboo Mats and Seagrass Mats are different, and each has certain advantages over the other:

  • Bamboo Mats come in various colors and are slightly cheaper.
  • Seagrass Mats are more durable — literally the most durable natural carpet in the world — and fit better on your bus’s front floor around your pedals, steering column, etc.

Both types of mats are stain-resistant and can used on top of — or in place of — your stock black rubber mats.  All come with black edging and a skid-resistant bottom.  Use the diagram to the left to choose the floor sections you want BY NUMBER, then choose the material and color.

**Be sure to specify model year and walk-thru or non-walk-thru in the “NOTES” box upon checkout**

Sections #1, #2, #3 & #4 just plop down in place — sections #5, #6, and #7 must be glued.  We’ll provide you with some handy tips for installation and suggestions for suitable glues.  Sections #5 and #7 are available only in Seagrass due to the curvature of the floor in those areas.  All mats are made to order and take 6 weeks.

There is a flat shipping charge for the 48 states whether you get one mat or the whole set, so load up.  Everywhere else, please contact us.  If you’re in Southern California, we can happily (and cheaply) install for you at our shop in Buena Park.  Just ask!

Request a Sample Pack!

Not exactly sure whats best for your bus?  Request a sample pack!  No risk to you, its just to help you make your decision. It is $25 and it will be applied to your order. Go to www.paypal.me/bamboomwagensllc/25 to make your payment and place the order.