In 2003….

…a friend of mine living in Nicaragua called and said he had picked up a 1960 23-window Samba bus for $1000US, and wanted me to fly down there to help him drive it up to the states.  It was still on its original 1100cc engine and had a top speed of 45mph.  It broke down every day of the trip – for 14 days straight – through Central America and Mexico.  It was the first VW I ever drove, and a great adventure.  I was hooked.

Not long after that, I found myself living in Guatemala.  While there, I took up the hobby of building things out of the bamboo that naturally grows there in Central America.  I would go out into the jungle and chop down stalks myself with a machete, treat them, and then begin to experiment with them.  Eventually, I was making bamboo furniture and the like.  Around this time, I found a 73 bus to take me around the back country roads, and as you can imagine, my new love for bamboo made it’s way into my bus.

Years later, I came back to the US to be on an obstacle course TV game show called “Wipeout” — which I won.  I could easily have just have blown the money, but I wanted to invest the winnings into something that would make me money.  I didnt think I had much chance making bamboo furniture — I cant compete with China prices.  I didnt think I had much chance of doing VW restorations — too much competition.  So, I combined my two loves into one business and created this very niche market.

I’ve spent years developing and perfecting my products.  Hope you dig what we do here and thanks for your support!