This complete set includes every panel all the way around your bus as shown in the diagram above for basic passenger bus models. For Single Cabs, Double Cabs, Panel Vans or Camper models, or to purchase individual panels, just contact us.
You have three different options for the Deluxe Set.
  • Option A: VINYL OR FABRIC — Choose a basic color, send us a color sample to match, or just send 2 yards of any vinyl or fabric you want.
  • Option B: “PATINA” — The color inlay is painted then lightly sanded for a patina look. Send us the paint, a paint sample, or the paint code.

**For options A or B, you can choose the color of the bamboo trim that goes along the top and bottom of the color inlay, then choose the color of the raffia accents.  See the Deluxe Panel Diagram above for clarification.**

  • Option C: PURE BAMBOO STRIPE — Instead of options A or B, you can subsitute for a 6″ stripe of any of our colored bamboos seen in the Deluxe Panel Diagram above. This option works particularly well when you pair with matching bamboo floor mats or headliner.
bay window bus


Bamboo Interior Panels


**Interior panels are now available**

**Shipment of your order might be 6-8 weeks after you place your order **

After being unavailable for almost two years, we have been able to obtain the bamboo plywood we need to make the interior panels.  As far as we know, we will be able to continue to keep the bamboo in stock.  It will take us a while to build up our inventory of the panels.  We expect to start shipping small quantities by mid June, but are taking orders now to get orders lined up for production

Our Bamboo Interior Panels are extremely durable — 100% waterproof and virtually impossible to scratch or stain. They’ll never warp from moisture or rain like your old ones did and like stock reproductions will.

We have two sets: a Plain Set and a Deluxe Set.  The Plain Set is just the bamboo with black edging.  The Deluxe Set are 2-tone panels with a color inlay tailor-made just for your bus.  The color inlay can be made to match your bus’s exterior paint or interior seat fabric….or whatever you want.  See the Deluxe Diagram to the left to learn about your different options for Deluxe Panels.

—>Regarding your original black plastic air vents & arm rests: some Bay Window Bus models came with door-mounted black plastic air vents & arm rests.  These are not reproduced anywhere, and rarely have they survived down to today.  Nevertheless, our Bamboo Panels CAN be made to be used in conjunction with any or all of your original door-mounted black plastic air vents — but this is done by request only and at an added charge.  Since they are rare to see today, all panel sets for Bay Window Buses are made for use WITHOUT any door-mounted black air vents & arm rests by default, unless otherwise instructed.

The Bamboo Interior Panels are installed using bamboo-colored screws for a practically invisible installation.  All necessary screws are included with purchase, and the panels themselves come with the screw locations pre-punched, so you don’t have to guess where to drill.

All panel sets are edged in black by default.  White edging or custom colors may be available by request, and at an additional charge.

If you’re in Southern California we can happily (and cheaply) install for you at our shop in Buena Park.

**NOTE: Be sure to specify model and year in the “NOTES” box upon checkout**

Request a Sample Pack!

Not exactly sure whats best for your bus?  Request a sample pack!  No risk to you, its just to help you make your decision.